SKK VS GYM Dream11 Tips & Prediction : SKK VS GYM Dream 11 Team for Finish Premier League – T20, Grand League Tips

Hello guys welcome to the preview of the Finish premier League 2020.

Venue : Kerava National Cricket Ground in Kerava (Finland)

Date and Time : 08:30 PM IST on 2nd June 2020.


Pitch Details:

  • The pitch is more greenish, so it favours bowlers more than Batsman.
  • The ball in green pitch helps more swing and bounce.
  • Spinners face lot of difficulty in these pitches.

Squad :

SKK: Qaiser Siddique, Areeb Abdul Quadir, Jake Goodwin, Mirza Zeeshan Baig, Yathunanthan Vijayaratnam, Andrew Armitage, Atif Rasheed, Nirav Shah, Nathan Collins, Peter Gallagher, Raja Waqas

GYM: Nouman Raza, Shahid Gondal, Simranjeet Brar, Muhammad Gawas, Noufal Khalid, Pankaj Saharan, Javed Jan, Irfan Yousefzai, Faisal Shahzad, Ahmad Jaleel, Atti Rehman, Umer Akhtar.

Probable XI:

SKK: A Abdul Quadir, Q Sidique, N Collins, P Gallagher, M Zeeshan Baig, J Goodwin, M Thavayogarajah, A Rasheed, R Waqas, A Rehman, Y Vijayratnam.

GYM: Brar, A Jaleel, S Gondal, M Gawas, F Shahzad, P Saharan, N Khalid, J Jan, A Rehman, I Yousefzai, U Akhtar.

Key Points:

  • LSKK:
    1. Strong team compared to gym, can try 7-4 combo favouring SKK more.
    2. N Collins – leading run getter for SKK + opener
    3. A Rasheed good all-rounder with decent strike rate he can pick crucial wickets too.
    4. J Goodwin middle order batsman, can bowl too.
    5. N shah very good bowler can destroy GYM.
    6. R Waqas 3rd best bowler for SKK, vc pick gl .
    7. Q Siddique is a very good pick and dangerous bowler + good batsman, mainly he is bowler.
  • GYM:
    • S Brar is good Wicket keeper and he is the highest run scorer for SKK in 2019.scored 231 runs in 14 matches.
    • A Jaleel is also a good batsman, could score crucial runs for the team.
    • F Shahzad leading wicket taker + 3rd run getter for GYM in 2019 season . Must pick for sure.
    • P Saharan 4th run getter + 4th wicket taker for GYM in 2019 season.
    • Javed Jan main bowler for GYM, can pick important wickets.
    • Atti Rehman picked 10 wickets in just 6 matches, important player from GYM.
  • It will be low scoring game.try to go more with all rounders as they can bat and bowl.
  • In these kinda leagues even batsman can bowl well as you said yesterday and where as bowlers can bat well .
  • 3 all rounders + 4 bowlers + 3 batsman 1wk will be a better combo .
  • 4 all rounders + 3 bowlers + 3 batsman + 1 wk can also make a good combo.

Basic team formation for SL or Mid Leagues:


  • Q Siddique– SL C/VC & GL C/VC
  • A Rasheed – SL C/VC & GL C/VC
  • A Jaleel – SL VC & GL C/VC
  • S Brar– SL VC & GL VC
  • R Waqas – SL VC & GL C/VC
  • N Collins  – SL VC & GL C/VC
  • N Shah – SL VC & GL C/VC
  • P Saharan – SL VC & GL C/VC
  • S Gondal – GL VC
  • Baig – GL VC
  • J Goodwin – SL VC & GL VC



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