BTC VS ECC Dream11 Tips & Prediction : BTC VS ECC Dream 11 Team for Finish Premier League – T20, Grand League Tips

Hello guys welcome to the preview of the Finish premier League 2020.

Venue : Kerava National Cricket Ground in Kerava (Finland).

Date and Time : 08:30 PM IST on 3rd June 2020.


Pitch Details:

  • The pitch is more greenish, so it favours bowlers more than Batsman.
  • The ball in green pitch helps more swing and bounce.
  • Spinners face lot of difficulty in these pitches.

Squad :

BTC: M I Abedin, O Ibrahim, S Jahan, M Amin, M Islam, A H Khan, N Akhand, N Huda, B Khan, M AlBelal, S Alam, T Saha, M Rony, R Sardar, T Sarker, S Kundu, H Al Amin, Md Jabed Khan Sohag, M Arshed, Shahrukh Ali, S T Qureshi.

ECC:U Nandini, M Balasaheb Tambe, V Padhaal, H Kumar, R Sathyanarayana, A Sher, R Muhammad, A Ghaffar, T Yousaf, V Verma, B Panda, H Hytti, S Tahir Qureshi, J Scamans, M Imran, R Savage, C Sehkhar, K Bhatnagar, S Gowri Srinivasan, Jo Hadley.

Probable XI:

BTC: Muhammad Imrul-Abedin (wk), Mehran Amin, Osman Ibrahim, Belayat Khan, Nurul Huda, Tonmoy Saha, Tushar Sarker, Habib Al Amin, Sarwar Jahan, Md Jbed Khan Sohag, Sowgat Kundu, 

ECC: Vanraaj Padhaal, Hemanathan Kumar, Jonathan Scamans (wk), Raghavendra Sathyanarayana, Amjad Sher, Mahesh Balasaheb Tambe, Bineet Panda, Abdul Ghaffar, Raaz Muhammad, Muhammad Imran, S Gowri Srinivasan. 

Key Points:

  • BTC wasn’t in the Finnish premier league last year.
  • Imrul is the best pick as Wicket keeper + opening batsman.
  • J Scamans is moderate player.
  • M Islam and M Amin  top bastmans from BTC.
  • M Imran 275 runs and 52 wickets in 56 domestic T20s and V Padhaal 935 runs and 5 wickets in 41 T20s are very good players from BTC.
  • N Huda 543 runs 56 wickets in 33 domestic T20s & B Khan 448 runs & 25 wickets in 23 matches are very important all rounder picks from BTC.
  • A Sher – 745 runs and 54 wickets in 46 domestic T20s & Raghavendra Satyanarayana – 556 runs and 12 wickets in 40 domestic T20s have really good stats safe pick in all-rounder part from ECC.
  • Raaz Mohammad – 271 runs and 66 wickets in 40 domestic T20s punt pick from ECC.
  • Shahed Alam – 5 wickets in 3 domestic T20s risky punt pick from BTC.
  • T Saha can bat + bowl 825 runs and 48 wickets in 45 domestic T20s & are key bowler + batsman he can open also for BTC, he is really good players.
  • M Arshed a new player to the side less experience for BTC.
  • Qureshi is the international bowler of Finland, decent stats can score him very quick runs. He has scored 943 runs and 20 wickets in 24 domestic T20s for ECC.
  • A Gaffar can put some crucial runs and very good bowler. 510 runs and 65 wickets in 54 domestic T20s for ECC.
  • I’m not able to judge 7-4 combination for this match because BTC wasn’t there In the last year season.
  • I feel ECC is way better than BTC, just can try 1 or 2 teams 7 players in favour of ECC & 4 BTC.
  • Can try vice versa making cap and vc of 4 players.
  • BTC was placed 2nd in T20 Division 1.

Basic team formation for SL or Mid Leagues:


  • Tanmoy Shah– SL C/VC & GL C/VC
  • Nurul Huda – SL C/VC & GL C/VC
  • Tahir Qureshi – SL VC & GL C/VC
  • Mazidul Islam– SL VC & GL VC
  • R Sathyanarayana –SL VC & GL C/VC
  • Abdul Ghafar  – SL VC & GL C/VC
  • Ijaz – SL VC & GL C/VC
  • V Padhaal – SL VC & GL C/VC
  • M Imrul Abedin – GL VC
  • Belayet Khan – GL VC
  • A Sher – SL VC & GL VC



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