Pubg 0.16.0 update, Death Race Mode, Erangel with snow, future updates.

Hello guys, few of the new features has been updated in pubg latest update, they have added new mode called death match mode, excited? Let’s not wait let’s hope in quickly.


  • Have a come across a movie series called death race even Jason Statham was part of the series, where the cars will be equipped with heavy armour and weapons you have to eliminate your rivals in a shorter time within small range of area.
  • The same game mode has been added to pubg in the latest mode.
  • They have even added powers ups such as spawn crates which makes the game more excited.
  • This mode probably come under Evoground mode in the name RageGear mode.


  • As they have promised to start mix version of pubg maps, here it goes the classic Erangel gets updated with snow covered in Northern part of the map.
  • Northern Erangel will have snowy patches, but crazy part about this update is skiing, seriously?, yeah mate you can ski in pubg latest update, they have added snowy mountains, ski lift and skiing boards.


  • There are 2 modes to play pubg, one is first person and other is third person, the gameplay entirely changes for these 2 modes, viewing perspective is totally different, but the latest update contains a switch of these 2 modes in the battle.
  • They have added a toggle switch where you can swap between FPP & TPP while you are playing.
  • The switch will also work during you are driving which can help you to have different angle of views, which can help you to play more strategically.

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