How to download WCC3 Game

Hello guys finally we have updated version and new generation of WCC- World Cricket Championship, As of now it’s early access to people who have joined play store testing program, I will show how to join to the program and download the game.

Firstly I would say the game has been improved alot with graphics and UI, very new method to play the shot that’s pull and release.

Let me begin with the steps.

1. Visit

2. Below are the steps to enrol for this early access program.

3. Once you are enrolled, you can follow steps to install the app. My request is if you find any bugs in game / app at early access, I need you guys to report the game developer so that it will be fixed and can released it with 99.99% bug free, you can say proudly that I reported this error.

4. After enrolling to the program follow search WCC3 in play store you will get the below page.

That’s it you have finally installed the game.

Now about the game.

I was not a big fan of WCC editions, but in this edition I’m totally impressed by the developement happened from WCC2 to WCC3.


A decent look to the homepage, with many different options and even they have included women’s cricket also that’s a new feature.

New types of championship matches.

Your favourite team dressing room look with stats.

They have also included Amazon prime rewards that’s a really cool new addon where you can get some exciting rewards from Amazon prime which can be redeemed.

Changes in Kits of the teams.

A new exciting way to enter of the players to the ground.

A exciting way to celebrate the wicket.

A major change in fielding to add more and making to more interactive, true they have implemented semi-automatic fielding that’s a really great update

Changes is in ball selection also which gives you more control over the spin , speed & accuracy or the ball.

A major change in players strategical discussion.

New addition after the match which can make you feel more happy and exciting. They have added post match award ceremony of man of the match with beautiful backdrop and etc.

They even mention the major contribution of player for MoM award and why he was selected.

I’m totally happy with WCC3, I have started to like the game.

In this process I didn’t find any bugs as of now.

The nextwave multimedia has rolled out major compitetiton to the existing cricket gaming market. I’m sure it will give a tough competition to the cricket gaming mobile section.

Major thing which I feel a bit drawback in this game is the players name, I think as it is in beta version they have rolled with not actual names, this can play a major role in game becoming famous or sucess. I’m waiting for the final release of this game which will be very soon.

Thanks for reading. Any doubts please comment in below section or contact me at

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